🚀New era of programming language booming with python, django, javascript & reactJs.


    In the ranking of programming language Python is taking the second place at this moment. 

It is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. Python’s high-level build in data structures, combined with dynamic typing and dynamic binding, make it very attractive for Rapid Application Development. 

Also, for use as a scripting or glue language to connect existing components together. It is simple, easy to learn syntax emphasizes readability and therefore reduces the cost of program modularity and code reuse. 

Advantages of Python Learning: 

If we talk about the advantages of Python learning it is really massive. 

  1. Easy to Learn, Read and Write:

It’s a high-level programming language that has English-like syntax and this makes it easier to read and understand the code. 

You will need few lines of code to perform the same task as compared to other major languages like C/C++ and Java. 

  1. Improved Productivity: 

This is a very productive language. 

Developers can focus on solving the problem due to the simplicity of Python.

They don’t.t spend much time in understanding the syntax or behavior of the programming language. 

  1. Interpreted Language: 

This is an interpreted language which means that Python directly executes the code line by line. There is a feature that Python shows only one error even if the program has multiple errors. 

  1. Dynamically Typed:

This language does not know the type of variable until we run the code and automatically assigns the data type during execution. 

Programmers don’t need to worry about declaring variables and their data types. 

  1. Free and Open Source:

It comes under the OSI approved open source license. This thing makes it free to use and distribute. 

We can download the sourcebook code, modify it and even distribute our version of Python. You can say this is useful for organizations that want to modify some specific behavior and use their version for development. 

  1. Vast Libraries Support: 

Python’s library is standard and huge so you can find almost all the functions needed for your task. In that case you don’t need to depend on external libraries. 

  1. Portability:

In other languages like C/C++, you need to change your code to run the program on different platforms. In Python this is not the same. It needs to write only once and run it anywhere. Yet you should be careful not to include any system dependent features.



This is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. JavaScript is the first and the only scripting language that was supported natively by web browsers. 

It was not nearly powerful in the beginning as it is today. It was mainly used for fancy animations and the marvel known at the time as DHTML. By the time with the growing needs that the web platform demands. JS has the responsibility to grow as well. It has become the needs of the most widely used ecosystems of the world. 

Browser like APIs also many things were introduced in the platform. The language also grew quite a lot as well. 

JS is now also the language powering databases and many more applications. It is even possible to develop embedded applications, mobile apps, TV sets apps and much more. 

Advantages of JavaScript 

  1. Speed:

This tends to be very fast because it is often run immediately within the client’s browser. As long as it does not require outside recourses, JS is not slowed down by calls to backend server. As well as major browsers all support complication of JavaScript. It means there’s no need to compile the code before running it. 

  1. Popularity:

JS is everywhere on the web. Its with the advent of Node. JavaScript is increasingly used in the backend. We will be glad to know that there are countless resources to learn JS. Both GitHub and Stack Overflow show an increasing number of projects that use JS. The traction of it’s gained in recent years is only expected to increase. 

  1. Interoperability:

Despite PHP or other scripting languages, JS can be inserted into any web page. This can be used in many different kinds of applications because of support in other languages like Pearl and PHP. 

  1. Server Load: 

This language can be used to create features like drag and drop and components such as sliders. This greatly enhance the user interface and experience of a site. 

  1. Rick Interfaces:

JS can be used to create features like drag and drop and components such as sliders. This features greatly enhance the user interface and experience of a site. 

  1. Extended Functionality:

By writing snippets of JavaScript for third party developers can extend the functionality of web pages. Add-ons like Grease monkey. 

  1. Versatility:

Through Node there are many ways to use JavaScript. JavaScript servers. This is possible that you can develop an entire JS app from front to back using only JavaScript. 

  1. Updates:

ECMA international has been dedicated to updating JS annually. Now we have received browser support for RS6 and looking forward to ES7 being supported in the future.



This is a widely-used Python web application framework with a batteries-included philosophy. Well the principle behind batteries-included is that the common functionality for building web applications should come with the framework instead of as separate libraries. 

For instance, authentication, URL routing, a temple engine, an object-relational mapper (ORM), and database schema migration are all included with the Django framework. You can compare that included functionality to the Flask framework which requires a separate library. For example, Flask-Login to perform user authentication. 

Advantages of Django: 

  1. Written in Python: 

This is one of the web frameworks which are written in Python programming language. Since, it becomes easier for programmers to build web applications with clean, readable and maintainable code by taking advantage of syntax rules of Python. 

  1. Accelerates custom web application development: 

One of the most mature web frameworks for Python. Its design rules focus extensively on reducing web application development time. These features provided by Django enable developers to build custom web applications rapidly according to varying business requirements. A big amount of Python programmers even opt for Django when they have to meet both goals and deadlines. 

  1. Designed as a batteries-included web framework: 

This language is one of the web frameworks that adopt the batteries-included approach. During developing a custom web application, Django provides the resources required by developers out of the box. Django provides code for common operations like database manipulation, HTML templating, URL routing, session management, and security. These batteries included approach help developers to curtail web application development time significantly. 

  1. Supports MVC programming paradigm:

Like other modern web frameworks Django supports model-view-controller (MVC) design rule. Model-view-controller programming paradigm allows programmers to keep a web application’s user interface (UI) and business logic layers separated. This approach further helps programmers to simplify and speed up development of large web application. These are separated by their user interface and business logic layers. It allows further allows programmers to reuse the same business logic across multiple projects. 

  1. Compatible with major operating systems and databases: 

These days, users access web applications on various devices and platforms. Django increases the accessibility of web applications by supporting major operating systems like Windows, Linux and MacOS. ORM system at the same time provided by Django makes it easier for programmers to work with several widely used databases. ORM system is also used to perform common database operations and migrate from the one database to another without writing additional code. 

  1. Provides robust security features: 

This built-in security provided by Django help developers to protect the web applications from a variety of targeted security attacks. As cross-site scripting, SQL injection and cross-site request forgery. Web framework at the same time enhances the security of web applications by preventing common security mistakes related to Python coding. 

  1. Easy to Extend and Scale:

As this is an open web framework for Python, Django assists developers to reduce web application development cost significantly. It is also supported by a large and active community of developers. So, the members of the Django community update new plug-ins and code snippets regularly to simplify web application development. All the developers can easily speed up custom web application development by taking advantage of these resources uploaded by members of the Django community. Also, the members of the community help developers to resolve common web application development issues and problems. 



This is a popular and widely used programming language at present since almost every web developer or full-stack developer is using it. So, lets get some ideas of react. 

So, react was created by Jordon Walk and it is maintained by Facebook and the community of individual developer. React is used for designing user-interface specifically for single page Applications. Also, the ReactJS is an open-source component-based view library which is responsible for developing the view layer of web and mobile apps. 

For your knowledge let us tell you that you can develop web-based Application, Native Mobile Application for both Android and IOS with the help of React. 

Advantages of ReactJS: 

  1. ReactJS Simplifies the Overall Process of Scripting Components

It’s more important to scripting your part and also comfortable when you use the free syntax extension called JSX. That makes rendering a subcomponent and HTML quoting an easier task. It makes your course codes simpler with it’s set of writing shortcuts. Also, cleaner when writing a React createElement. 

So JSX is quite useful when it comes to the development of top-tier apps or custom-made components. JSX makes it easier to convert HTML mockups into ReacrElement trees. In addition, developers tend to get error alerts and massages that are informative, and JSX helps avert code injections. 

  1. It Facilitates Advanced Maintenance and boosts productivity:

Very often, supports and updates turn into stress because the app has a complicated logic and any modification in one component can affect others. Whenever the topic reactJS comes up reuse of assets is one feature developers ever be grateful. Besides, re-employing the same digital object makes workflow less stressful for developers. This has been made possible by the Facebook development team yet. 

Components as button, checkbox, etc. can be started with, then proceed to complex parts. Surfing through wrapper components comprised of forward to the primary, multiple tiny elements, root component. These components are what makes it easier for it to be manipulated and defined, and its their internal logic. 

  1. It Guarantees quicker rendering: 

Take into Account the impact of the overall application performance is essential when developing a high-volume app. Eventually new engines and digital platforms can’t guarantee the absence of annoying hitches. In the reason document object model is tree-structured and even small changes at the top layer. It can cause appalling ripple effects to the crossing point. For solving this problem, the Facebook development team has introduced a virtual document object model. It is currently labeled as one of the advantages of using the ReactJS framework for high-volume and dynamic app solutions. 

  1. ReactJS offers a more stable code: 

This one ensures a more stable code by using downward data flow only. ReactJS does this so the parent structure won’t be affected by any little change that occurs in the child structure. Developers only need to modify it states in changing an object. Only specific components will be updated after making amendments. This kind of structure of data binding ensures code stability and smooth app performance. 

  1. ReactJS Is SEO Friendly: 

If you talk about the ability of react to handle common search engine issues it has amazing output of it. Issues such as its failure to read JavaScript high volume apps is another benefit of using JS framework to develop your software today. 

  1. Easy to Learn: 

This one is very easy to learn. It is more focused than some other JavaScript Framework. 

  1. Backed by A Robust Community: 

Primarily, ReactJS library was created for in-house use. Later on it shared with the whole world. Now, Instagram and Facebook engineering teams, also external developers who are experts in this filed back ReactJS. Sites as BBC, Netflix, Dropbox, Coursera, IMDB, PayPal, Dailymotion, American Express and many more big sites are using ReactJS.

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